Behavioral health certifications show your knowledge and skills within a particular domain of behavioral health. These exams cover versatile topic areas, for instance, mental health, technical roles, and general public attitudes. Check out this link to know more about behavioral health exams and their practice courses

One of the leading behavioral health courses is ASWB-Advanced-Generalist. This licensure ASWB exam is designed by the ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) and is administered by the ACT (American College Testing Program). The test validates whether or not the candidate has expertise in the social work field.

In addition, the Association of Social Work Boards Advanced Generalist certification is one of the four ASWB exams. These tests are commonly used by native licensing authorities to evaluate which applicant is suitable for the designation of a licensed social worker. Although which social work credential is suitable for a candidate depends on what type of social work you are interested in and in which domain you want to pursue your career. will lead you to the details of these exams and their best practice courses.

Exam Details

The ASWB social work license exam consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. Out of which 150 questions are scored while the rest 20 questions are unscored. The total score is evaluated based on the correctly answered percentage of scored questions. The final scaled score will be received by the examiner who will declare your pass or fail status according to the criteria of passing status.

Moreover, the ASWB clinical exam is the most challenging and final stage among ASWB credentials. Different clinical licensures are granted to different social workers based on their experiences, expertise, and knowledge levels.

Exam Content

The ASWB test consists of 11 topic areas, which include the following;

  • Human behavior and development ---10%
  • Issues of diversity ---5%
  • Diagnosis, assessment, and intervention planning ---24%
  • Indirect and direct practice ---16%
  • Communication ---7%
  • Relationship issues ---5%
  • Ethics and professional values ---12%
  • Professional development and supervision ---3%
  • Application of research and practice evaluation ---4%
  • Service delivery ---11%
  • Administration ---3%

Exam Prerequisites

Before proceeding toward the advanced generalist credential test the applicant should be holding a master’s degree (at least) from a recognized social work program. And supervised social work experience for two years while receiving the master’s degree.

Preparation Methods

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