The ADC (Alcohol and Drug Counselor) examination is an essential credential for individuals working in the domain of addiction services. IC&RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium) generates the exam along with its member boards. Click here to buy the best behavioral health exam courses including the IC&RC ADC exam preparation course.

The certified drug and alcohol counselor credential is a computer-based test that is administered at regional testing centers. After completing the registration process the candidates are notified with test details through their given email addresses. They must bring their government-issued identity card alongside the candidate’s admission letter on the test day.

An Overview of the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam

The IC&RC ADC exam consists of 150 questions, out of which 125 questions are scored and 25 questions are unscored. The format of each question is multiple-type with three to four response options, and you have to select the most suitable response option from them. The unscored questions are called pilot or pretest questions and are randomly given all over the exam, and identifying them is quite difficult.

In addition, the candidates are given three hours to complete this alcohol counseling test. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed during the exam. The examination content evaluates your skills and knowledge in these four domains;

Engagement, Screening, and assessment ---23%

  • Functional communication with clients about assessment and screening procedures
  • Assessment of client’s instant requirements, administration of assessment instruments and accurate screening, and collection of relevant history
  • Summarizing and interpreting assessment and screening results

Collaboration, Treatment Planning, and Referral ---27%

  • Identification of opportunities for referral for accurate community resources and collaboration with those resources while connecting with the customers
  • Discussion of treatment recommendations and assessment results, modifying and reviewing the treatment plan as per the needs
  • Discussing, documenting, and evaluating the outcomes, multiple pathways, and treatment progress of recovery

Counseling ---28%

  • Relationship building and communication to facilitate recovery at the time of re-evaluation of the needs of a client
  • Documenting and applying suitable counseling strategies
  • Delivering information about how demographic traits (sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group, and age) are related to the addiction process and recovery
  • Communication and understanding the addiction disease and other health-related and psychosocial consequences.

Ethical and Professional Responsibilities ---22%

  • Following the codes of practice standards and ethics
  • Understanding how the demographics of unique clients affect behavior and delivering suitable services
  • Continuing the professional improvement
  • Referring clients to appropriate outside professionals
  • Maintaining the client’s confidentiality and privacy in handling and preparing records, and ensuring records and reports are clinically accurate, objective, and concise.

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