A pharmacy degree is a primary step among other requirements to practice pharmacy in the U.S. In the next step the pharmacist must also clear the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) regulated by the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). NABP is an international corporation that works with the pharmaceutical industry’s state boards. You can check our website https://www.certswarrior.com/vendor/nabp/ to get more information about NABP exams.

The North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam is a computer-adaptive credential test that validates your ability and knowledge in the areas of pharmacy. Passing the NAPLEX test is a prerequisite to attaining pharmacy licensure. This is because you cannot start using your pharmacy degree in the United States and its territories until you are NAPLEX certified.

Exam Details

The NAPLEX Exam is administered through a computer at the testing center. Further, the total number of included questions is 225 with six hours allotted time. 200 questions are scored and collectively determine the candidate’s result, while the rest 25 are unscored questions. Although you cannot distinguish between scored and unscored questions, so you have to deliver your best in the exam. Our website https://www.certswarrior.com/vendor/nabp/nabp-certification/ is the best way to prepare for NABP certifications including NAPLEX.

In addition, the format of the exam includes Multiple-response, multiple-choice, and constructed-response questions. To answer the multiple-response questions select all the applicable options, for multiple-choice select the one suitable answer, and for constructed-response, the answer should be numeric.

Exam Content

The purpose of the NAPLEX exam is to evaluate whether the applicants have the necessary skills, knowledge, and judgment to start a pharmacy career. There are six topic areas of the examination;

  • Obtain, assess, and interpret data, patient, or medical information ---18%
  • Identify the characteristics of drug ---14%
  • Manage or develop treatment plans ---35%
  • Perform calculations ---14%
  • Administer, dispense, or compound drugs or delivery systems management ---11%
  • Manage or develop medication or practice – use systems for quality and safety assurance ---7%

Exam Prerequisites

To enroll in the NAPLEX credential test a candidate must have already cleared his pharmacy graduation exam. No other specific eligibility criteria are needed to maintain to sit in this examination.

Preparation Methods

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